To love art is a bliss we want to share to as many people as possible. Beauty is exclusive.

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A piece of art transcends meanings and divides and categories only to return to the exclusivity of beauty in itself.

With so many expressions, art is an infinite universe in the sense of the fractals multiplying the notion of art, as Benoit Mandelbrot extended the length of the Bretagne coast infinitely.

As we cannot embrace all art, our affinity is with art in the surrealist sense given close to one hundred years ago by André Breton:

“I believe that men will long continue to feel the need of following to its source the magical river flowing from their eyes, bathing with the same hallucinatory light and shade both the things that are and the things that are not. Not always quite knowing to what the disturbing discovery is due, they will place one of these springs high above the summit of any mountain. The region where the charming vapours of the as yet unknown, with which they are to fall in love, condense, will appear to them in a lightning-flash. Perhaps even there they will set up their wretched booths, will multiply and exterminate one another, and have no other desire than to return to earth after having plundered! If there then remains in the world, amidst the disorder of vanity and darkness, a single appearance of perfect resolution, of ideal reduction to a point, of all those things that swayed us during the distant epoch of our lives, I ask for nothing better than that this may be the twenty or thirty pictures that we made our thought’s happy shores – happy without knowing it, happy that after all shores should exist.”

The exclusivity of art lies in the rarity of its occurrence. Every generation has its means of expression, and it is so rare to find artists who express themselves in original ways, without copying others, being themselves both in feelings and expression.

The exclusivity of art is, therefore, the exclusivity of its meaning. Evidently, the aesthetics of creation are a crucial component of qualitative craftsmanship. But a beautiful piece of imagery cannot endure the test of time alone. It needs depth. It takes profound intensity in the artistic act to give it value and to make it worth surviving.

Some of the innovations were not purely executional, but mostly of essence. The architecture of meaning was the same, but it was populated by different thoughts. Sometimes, this would change the entire rules of the game.
Our mission is to find exceptional art and to give those artists the attention they deserve.

And we would love to be the ones who facilitate their discovery. We do not care about any of the categories which divided so long our humanity but to the exquisite art in front of which all comments fade.

‘Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.’ Salvador Dali

Every honest artistic pursuit is an endless return to Exclusivity. From the exclusivity of expression to the exclusivity of meaning, the purest forms of art are the most original.

The democratization of culture has led to a much broader audience consuming it worldwide, and has contributed to erasing boundaries of all kinds. And while this is a great step for humankind, we must now – perhaps more than ever – preserve the quality of artworks and focus on finding those talented minds who deserve to be memorable in the collective mind centuries from now.

Every honest artistic pursuit is an endless return to Exclusivity. From the exclusivity of expression to the exclusivity of meaning, the purest forms of art are the most original.

It is now that much easier to get dissipated. One challenge artists have never been exposed to until the digital era was the one of being lost in a sea of content. When everyone can be a creator, it becomes more difficult to isolate the truly exceptional minds of our generation and give them the editorial space they need in order to shine.
Never has it been possible in our history to be part of multiple communities at the same time. We used to be trapped inside of our classes, our countries, our belief systems.

But that has changed. We are now able to invest our time in every single one of our desired pursuits. And while this can help us experiment in an unprecedented way, it is easier to become unfocused and, ironically, more difficult than ever to stand united for one single purpose.

We stand together for art. The very idea of an Art Society is to allow creators, as well as curators and art aficionados to come together for the purpose of making their one true passion more undivided than ever.

Let us discover and nurture together the best creative minds of our generation, and make their innovations striking and unmistakable.

We want to build a Society – in the Ancient sense of this word – an Art Society in which we invite the established artists to give a hand to the less known, but highly talented artists who deserve the spotlight. We invite all established artists to create a jury, to help the public see, to help the young grow, all for the sake of Beauty.

Returning to Exclusivity. Allowing the Beauty to stand out is perhaps the biggest challenge in the art world flooded with so many irrelevant works elevated without merit, flooded with the waters of the popularity deluge of cheap consumerism. So let us build an Arch to carry the relevant across these waters

DATE: 06.03.20 CATEGORY: Art Society AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


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