We come from a multi-generation history of art collectors. Art traverses all ages – it passes wars, pandemics, financial crises, population reductions or expansions and constant migrations.

CATEGORY: Art Society AUTHOR: Voice of Henri

Beauty endures and Masterpieces of Beauty will always find their admirers irrespective of the fashion of the day.

One of the lessons learned is that taste changes over years, as the eyes see more and more pieces of art, as the years pass by and as we understand beauty differently. We evolve, we change.

Beauty is flowing with time and it is outside of time. Beauty shall be the ultimate goal, therefore we aim to build an Art Society in the sense of the Athenian Academy – a space of exquisite beauty where established artists can pass directly or indirectly their energy to art lovers or young artists, where museums can come to pick their next piece, where people can talk about art in a new way, creating each one their own collection, growing it as children, enjoying the changes, enjoying the Beauty.

In everything, there can be Art. For thousands of years art was the privilege of the powerful. And even more selective than this: of all the powerful people who ruled during ages only a top minority had the taste, the eye and the desire to sponsor artists, to build cathedrals and palaces and museums.

Our world changed and an increasing number of people sprung an implicitly increased number of art lovers. During the last 100 years art started to be expressed through multiple media including film, photography, installations, etc.

We call for all established Artists to start building a Community of Artists to which new artists could adhere. We call for all art Lovers to start building a Community of People who can buy and sell art during good times and bad times or only to display and promote the lifetime creation of a collection. We call for all art Advisors and Curators and Critics to help us in propagating the Beauty of Art to as many people as possible.

Henri Maillardet Art Society features a prominent space, in the center of Zurich, meant to promote unique personalities and to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

This is what Henri Maillardet brought to the world. Innovation is oftentimes within our reach if we are courageous enough to envision it and bring it to life.

Exclusivity means always chasing the extraordinary. The condition of an artist implies bringing new creation into the world. This pursuit is a combination of ideas and new means of expression or pure aesthetics. A perpetual return to exclusivity fuelled by a powerful vision.

New meanings that represent a diversity of expression and artistic quality are worth looking after. The only premise they need to be acknowledged as powerful creators is the exposure to start with.

And we offer just this. The artistic act can have intrinsic value. When combined with a visionary execution, it becomes a timeless composition that speaks over time.

It is our core belief that innovation comes from within. Digital and technological instruments at our disposal only allow us to express our artistic selves through different means and to different extents from a historical time to another, but our merits lie with the outlooks behind our projects.

We are dedicated to giving a voice to those among us who bring visionary creations to the table and we can only accomplish this with the support of a community that shares and supports our artistic endeavours.

This is what we stand by. It is the duty of those of us who consume art to always chase it, and to always keep the eyes open to new encounters. It is our responsibility to be persistent advocates of our own discoveries, and to leave the world a more meaningful place, one depiction of our nature at a time.

DATE: 05.03.20 CATEGORY: Art Society AUTHOR: Voice of Henri


We are committed to identify and nurture innovative minds with something to say.

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