What Inspires Us

Meet the projects that we find Extraordinary and are humbled by.


Special Art Projects

The art world is changing painting by painting. We are proud to showcase pieces built on archetypal values innate to the human mind.

’I believe that men will long continue to feel the need of following to its source the magical river flowing from their eyes, bathing with the same hallucinatory light and shade both the things that are and the things that are not.’
André Breton

You run a prestigious business - an investment fund, a bank, a real estate developer, a health company, a hospitality business, a law or an accounting firm or the head offices of any type of business - and you want to create a space to impress everyone passing through from your employees to your customers you can contact us for the following:

1. You can commission your art from a large number of contemporary artists to correspond to your taste and the particularities of your space. We will work with all clients' teams, including their interior design and/or architectural team from the first idea of the owner's project through the installation of the finished artworks.

2. Portfolio management can benefit from us by discussing your current investment portfolio, experience of art investment, budget, and risk appetite so that we can provide a product that is tailored to your needs: from a buyer of last resort to a back stop insurance of art. We can recommend a bespoke selection of works that are most likely to achieve your investment goals and new opportunities that will complement your existing portfolio.



You want to surround yourselves with a number of works of art without investing a huge amount but still make an impact to those around you: we can rent you art on a long term basis. We can propose you the right mix of artists to fit your personality and taste, space and functionalities. Once you have agreed with the proposal and with total budget, we will taylor made the product beginning with the deposit and a montly fee, period of time, options to change, etc. A typical duration of a transaction is 5 to 10 years but you can enjoy a great variety of art works in this time with or without the option to retain the ones speaking to you.

The insurance coverage cost will be offer by reputed insurance companies at our request and will be imbedded in our price or can be made transparent and invoiced to you separately

Liquidity of art it is a major criteria for a lot of investors and for us as well. We act as market makers for all contemporary artists which we promote today or will join our panel in the future. For those artists no longer with us art market liquidity is an important criteria in the conditions we shall tailor made for you.


Art collectors looking to promote those artworks that have inspired you, you are welcome to join us in preparing everything for you:
– From high quality catalogues with top entries of the world experts and curators
– To exhibition and events dedicated to your collection


Art collectors looking to sell part or entirely their art collection are welcome to hear our proposal.


As per the lease agreement, the art holder will be able to purchase the leased artwork. Art leasing provides you with the opportunity to enrich your space through the incorporation of significant artwork. We serve a large variety of clients, from hospitality groups and investors, to real estate developers and corporations.


Whenever we come across pieces that inspire us and that are in accordance with our values and visions of artistic development, we feature them into our space, to facilitate their awareness and promotion and to contribute to their future success.


If you are looking to promote your own artistry, we invite you to submit it to us.In the case of positive evaluations, we will get in contact with you to establish the terms of collaboration.


We Stand for the Return to Exclusivity


We are committed to identify and nurture innovative minds with something to say.

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